ReCapture Foundation

Increasing global warming is causing catastrophic climate change. The general public believes that the issue of Climate Change is too complex to understand
– while it in its basic nature is quite simple.

To make a difference in Climate Change we need to understand and act.





This is for real

Global warming

Carbon cycle

Labeled products/services

Without the possibility to earn or to save money by reducing carbon emissions, things will not happen on a large scale. A uniform climate labeling can provide the industry and business community with the financial driver necessary to take real action.
The idea is to standardize the norm for climate labeling and to make the labeled products and services easy to find.

How to estimate carbon emissions

The emissions of something invisible to the naked human eye can be difficult to perceive.

This web site will provide some guidelines on how much emissions are typical for different cases, and links to web sites with more detailed information.

Compensate for emissions

In this part of the web site, it is intended to provide an easy access to buy low price carbon credits that efficiently reduce carbon emissions.

Choice of credits will be motivated, and feedback on amounts generated and on what it is being spent will be provided.